• Bottom Trawls

    Hampidjan Canada Ltd. has been active in bottom trawl production and development for over 35 years. Hampidjan Canada Ltd. is the industry leader in shrimp trawling in eastern Canada.

    Hampidjan Group offers an extensive range of products with many different types of bottom trawl for both consumption and industrial fisheries. Our bottom trawls work with optimum efficiency and various bottom conditions and ensure effective fishing both at great depths and in shallow waters.

    We make bottom trawls for species such as Shrimp, Lobster, Cod, Hake, Squid, Flatfish, Sand Eel and Orange Roughy.

    Hampidjan Group are also recognized world leaders in supplying trawls with different rigging for fishing with single, double, triple or multiple trawl systems.

    • Shrimp Trawls
    • Shrimp Sorting Grids
    • Groundfish Trawls
    • Combi Trawls
    • High-Lift Bottom Trawls
    • Sorting Grids
    • Cod-Ends

    Gloria® Midwater Trawls

    Icelandic fisheries reached a turning point in 1989 following changes in the Icelandic quota system. Freezer trawler operators were forced to target species which were not regulated by quotas.

    Hampidjan took part in this drive by designing the Gloria midwater trawl. The first vessels set off in April 1989 in search of oceanic redfish, which Russian trawlers were known to catch with mid-water trawls in the Irminger Sea, Southwest of Iceland.

    Gloria® Midwater Trawls:

    • Gloria® High-Opening Trawl
    • Gloria® High-Flow Trawl
    • Gloria® High-Speed Trawl
    • Gloria® Long-Wing Trawl
    • Gloria® Wide-Body Trawl

    The Gloria® Midwater Trawls use the advances of the HELIX Self-Spreading Technology.

    “...you have a winner here...” - from a satisfied customer

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    We’re Pleased to Now Offer You Thyboron Trawl Doors

    Thyboron Trawldoor Logo

    In conjunction with our corporate affiliation with Hampidjan Group, Hampidjan Canada Ltd. merged our Poly-Ice® trawl door brand with Thyboron Skibssmedie A/S in Thyboron, Denmark, in October 2011. As one of the sole distributors for Thyboron pelagic trawl doors in our region, our customers can trust that our products are designed using exhaustive hydrodynamic testing, flume tank and onsite trials to ensure their quality materials and outstanding Danish craftsmanship. Thyboron doors are fitted with X-stream technology, which makes them more stable and lighter to tow by reducing their turbulence and drag. We offer a wide range of quality trawl doors for all your needs, including the following:

    • Apollo X-stream (pelagic trawling)
    • Thyboron (pelagic, bottom & semi-pelagic trawling)
    • Viking X-stream (bottom trawling)
    • El Casador X-stream (semi-pelagic & bottom trawling)
    • Opex (high-speed surface trawling)

    Learn More about Our Products’ Technical Specifications

    To learn more about the technical specifications of several of our exciting trawl door products, simply click on each product model type found below:

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