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DynIce 75 with Duracoat:

DynIce 75 is a revolutionary product of new synthetics technology. It is produced as a 12-strand braided rope from DSM’s Dyneema® SK75 fibres and treated with Duracoat.

The rope has a higher breaking strength than that of steel wire of the same thickness, but only one-sixth of the weight and is much easier to handle. It also floats on water unlike steel wire.

Hampidjan Canada Ltd DynIce 75 12-Strand Braided Rope

DynIce 75 12-Strand Braided Rope:

The Duracoat impregnation improves the abrasion resistance, splice efficiency and overall handling ability.

DynIce 12-strand braided rope is very easy and quick to splice.

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DynIce 75 with a Stiff Core

DynIce 75 with a Stiff Core:

Where extra stiffness of the DynIce rope is needed, the core is double-braided and will add considerable stiffness to the rope without adding much to the diameter.

The new design of the core prevents kinking and breaking.

Hampidjan Canada Ltd Coverbraided DynIce 75

Coverbraided DynIce 75:

Coverbraided DynIce is extremely tough against abrasion and will ensure much longer lifetime of the rope in harsh environment. The coverbraiding will keep the rope round and very stiff, which is important in some applications.

DynIce 75 Cable Rope:

The solid plastic cover protects against abrasion and enhances the stiffness. The stiffness of the steel wire and the lightness of the DynIce are perfectly combined in the DynIce cable rope.

DynIce Dux 75 Pre-Stretched Braided Rope

Pre-stretched braided rope with ultra-high breaking strength. The DynIce Dux 75 is a new generation of ultra-high performance ropes.

Hampidjan Canada Ltd DynIce Dux 75 12-Strand Braided Rope

DynIce Dux 75 12-Strand Braided Rope:

DynIce Dux 75 is far stronger than the DynIce 75 by some 20% up to 43% in the smaller diameters. The rope is very firm and compact with a smooth surface.

Elongation is very low or about 3%. The pre-stretching ensures that accurate length of rope can be measured directly without any pretension. The ropes are impregnated to improve abrasion resistance and endurance.

Click here for the weight and strength of the DynIce Dux 75 12-strand braided rope…

DynIce Dux 75 with a Stiff Core

DynIce Dux 75 with a Stiff Core:

The ropes are tight braided and with a stiff core to make them more resistant to abrasion and to ease alignment on winch drums.

The stiffness of the rope prevents entangling in use and handling. The rope is impregnated with Duracoat to improve abrasion resistance and endurance.

DynIce Megarope for Enhanced Strength:

Using DynIce Megarope for a purse seine corkline and leadline makes handling lighter and easier. DynIce has four times the breaking strength of polyester (terylene) rope of the same thickness.

Advantages for rigging and repairs:

  • A single DynIce line replaces two made of polyester and is lighter to handle
  • No stapling, quick to rig and splice
  • Does not stretch, even after long use

Advantages for handling:

  • Quicker to shoot and take aboard; more compact on board as well
  • No twisting against corkline and leadline; hanging line does not slip
  • Buoyant DynIce improves floating
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