Eco-Friendly Cod Pot Fishing in Newfoundland

A common problem for cod fishermen is often the quality of their catch. Harvesting cod can be difficult, especially when you're trying to collect your net in high winds or other instances of rough weather. This quality concern helped lead to the development of cod pot fishing in Newfoundland. Cod pots were designed by the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Resources (CSAR) of the Fisheries and Marine Institute at Memorial University in St. John’s and allow you to bring in a higher-quality product. The fish are kept alive in the pots until they're brought in, bled and packed in ice.

This sustainable, eco-friendly method stops the fish from being destroyed and won't damage the ocean floor. Cod pots can be baited with squid, mackerel, and/or herring. The pots allow the fish to swim in but prevent them from getting back out. They're able to stay alive for several days within the pot until capture. The pot itself is comprised of poly netting, a metal frame, a collapsible nylon funnel, non-return devices, and a floating roof. There are now several types, including Norwegian cod pots, Newfoundland
cod pots, and 4-entrance cod pots, available.

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